Custom Projects

All my custom games use the same process...
I start with a donor machine from the 1950's-1970's and strip the exterior completely (cosmetically).  A base coat is applied to the exterior and then the designs are painted using professionally cut stencils (similar to what was done during the era of the donor machine) that I create in CAD.  The playfield and backglass is also designed in CAD and then color / images are added using a graphics package.  Finally, they are printed at a sign shop.  All mechanical mechanisms are cleaned, repaired and / or replaced.  Electrical parts are replaced as needed and all playfield parts are brand new.  

Boston Red Sox Custom Pinball / Pitch and bat

Boston Bruins 2011 Championship Edition Custom Pinball

This game was built using a 1963 Williams Big Inning and modified to a Boston Red Sox theme.  The head interior background was changed to Fenway Park.

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  • Detroit Red Wings Pinball- custom design
  • Detroit Red Wings was built using a 1972 Gottlieb Pop-A-Card  as the donor machine.  

    Boston Celtics Championships Pinball- custom design
    Boston Celtics was built using a 1975 Gottlieb El Dorado as the donor machine.  

  • New York Yankees Pinball- custom design
  • NY Yankees was built using a 1976 Gottlieb Volley as the donor machine.

  • Boston Bruins Pinball- custom design
  • Boston Bruins was built using a 1972 Gottlieb Flying Carpet  as the donor machine.  It is a classic "wedgehead" design with many targets to shoot at.  This machine is the first time I attempted to use a mask layer on the backglass to produce "tilt" and match numbers.
(Boston Bruins donor machine)


  • '57 Chevrolet BelAir Pinball- custom design
  • '57 Chevrolet BelAir was built using a 1958 Williams Satellite  as the donor machine.  It is a woodrail that has (2) gobble holes in the center of the playfield.   I added a 1/18 scale Matador red car as a topper.

('57 BelAir donor machine)

New England Patriots was built using a 1967 Williams Touchdown as the donor machine. (click title above for more photos)

24 Heures Du Mans was built using a 1968 Williams Hayburners 2 as the donor machine.  It is based on the early  1970's Porsche 917 Gulf sponsored race cars. Colored  LED lights are used through out the playfield & (6) 917's race in the backbox animation.
(click title above for more photos)

Boston Red Sox was built using a 1970 Williams Straight Flush as the donor machine.  (click title above for more photos)

  • Cars Pinball - custom design 
Cars was built using a 1971 Gottlieb 4 Square as the donor machine.  A car stereo and speakers were added to play the movie's sound track.

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